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The Downderry and Seaton Residents Association (DASRA) promotes the interests and well-being of people living in Downderry and Seaton by providing an organisation which acts as a forum to address issues affecting our local community


DASRA is a volunteer, non-political, group of active residents who work to maintain the special environment and quality of life within Downderry and Seaton. We seek to enhance community life by encouraging resident involvement and we are committed to representing residents and to campaign on their behalf on issues that affect our community.

DASRA is committed to building a long term Community Fund with donations from residents, and others, to be used as a resource to safeguard community assets and to enhance the quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors.

DASRA seeks to ensure that proposed developments are appropriate to, and in character with, the local environment by using its independence to make the necessary connections to resolve issues - for example those involving planning, transport, the environment.

DASRA seeks to be recognised as an information “hub” using its website as a resource for residents to be informed about activities and services on offer locally from a myriad of voluntary, public and private organisations.

DASRA seeks to understand residents’ concerns through regular engagement, using several means; DASRA website, Facebook, Nut Tree Newsletter, public meetings. DASRA organises public events to facilitate discussion among residents about local issues, and, as appropriate, raises such issues with relevant authorities to ensure our community’s needs are understood and considered.

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