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We ask that you read these Guidelines carefully as the application process requires you to supply supporting information that you must submit with the completed Application Form. All documentation should be sent by email info@dasra.co.uk. or by emailing us  for delivery address.

Residents of Downderry and Seaton are donating to a fund that will protect and support community assets considered to be vital to the quality of life in these two Cornish villages. Donations into the Community Fund are managed by DaSRA, the Downderry and Seaton Residents Association, and its Management Committee is responsible for assessing and monitoring successful applications.

The initial motivation for the Community Fund, set up in 2016, was to raise funds to retain a full post office service, which continued for two years until it was replaced with a Post Office Outreach Service. A meeting of subscribers, held in 2018, voted to retain the surplus funds and to continue to build it into a “fighting fund”, providing resources to help protect key community assets of value to local residents.

The main focus of the Fund, which is restricted to support voluntary activities in Downderry and Seaton, is to safeguard threatened community assets, and as such, funding principles and criteria will depend on the individual circumstances arising from any potential threat to its impact on the community. Those involved in such a scenario should make direct contact with DaSRA before making any application for support.

The following guidelines applies to applications from local voluntary community groups requiring emergency funding or additional funding to support the activities of their organisation. It is expected that DaSRA would give priority to those projects which have attracted alternative sources of funding but are still short of its final target.

Please complete the Application Form that is devised to enable the assessors to make a decision

All Applications must:

Make a strong case for supporting your organisation- tell us why you need the funding and how funding will benefit the community. It is important that we understand  how the grant will benefit people who live in Downderry and Seaton

The Fund will support core costs/revenue costs, new or continuing projects, one-off initiatives, capital costs.

It is expected that Applicants will be locally based, but it may be that an organisation with a county or national presence plans to set up, or support, a project solely for the benefit of people living in Downderry and Seaton. The case for local engagement and benefit must be made.

How much can I apply for?

The Downderry and Seaton Community Fund is in its infancy and will continue to grow only through the generosity of local residents. The Fund’s main purpose is to resource necessary action to safeguard threatened community assets. As we focus on building this “fighting” fun, we also want to support local groups who are actively strengthening and supporting our community with valued services. We do not identify specific amounts as our aim is to ensure the protection of our villages" community assets. Funds awarded as at Dec 2023 have been in the region of £2000.

Do contact DaSRA to discuss projects that require funding, particularly for what could be described as funding to resolve an unexpected emergency.

What will the Downderry and Seaton Community Fund NOT Support?

Projects that operate outside of Downderry and Seaton

Political or religious activities which are not for the public benefit of the local community

Statutory agencies including Parish Councils and Schools in the discharge of their statutory obligations

Contributions towards General Appeals - our focus is on making things happen so, for such scenarios, a grant from The Downderry and Seaton Community Fund will be the final funder

Retrospective Funding i.e. grants for activities which have already taken place

What information do you need to tell us?

We do not want the application process to be too onerous as we appreciate that those involved in community activities have many demands on their time. However, the funding to award grants comes from the generosity of local residents and DaSRA must ensure that grants awarded on their behalf will benefit local people.

In making your application please ensure that you include information that enables the Assessors to fairly judge your application. Please provide as much information that will reveal the benefits that tbis funding will bring to the local community

We may wish to promote the award to your organisation or to evaluate its impact on the community, so in accepting the funding, we trust that you will share information about its value.

Community Fund.Grant Application Guidelines


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