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6 June 2023 Downderry Stores to Close

Downderry Stores is to close in the first week of September.  Kim and Richard James, who have run the village shop for 24 years, said that falling turnover and rising costs meant they could not continue to trade. The current economic climate with high inflation, rising energy costs and supplier closures had undermined the viability of the business.  

“It is with great sadness, that we are being forced to take this step,” they said. “We would like to thank the community for all the support we have received for more than two decades. We treasure  the friendships we have made across the counter during all these years, and we are very mindful of the great support we have received from our wonderful staff.”

In announcing the news, Laura Done, chair of DaSRA, the Downderry and Seaton residents association, said news of the closure was “a severe blow for the community. The shop has served as the very hub of village life, and we remember with especial gratitude the lifeline it provided during the long and testing months of the pandemic. Kim and Richard have played a vital role in all our lives, and they, and the shop, will be sorely missed.

“It will take us all some time to digest this devastating news, but in the coming weeks our community will have to pull together to discuss what steps might be taken to fill the sudden void that is opening up at the centre of our village life.”   



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26 May 2023 Considerate Builders Code: Survey launched

Downderry and Seaton Residents Association - DaSRA - and the local Neighbourhood Watch are inviting residents to respond to a questionnaire to judge support for a Considerate Builders Code to be introduced in Downderry and Seaton.

The overall purpose of this survey is to identify and adopt what residents and builders consider a reasonable approach to the inevitable disruption that can be caused by building works. The decision to introduce a Considerate Builders Code will depend on responses to this questionnaire which residents are being encouraged to complete, and return, by 9 June 2023

The questionnaire can be responded to on line on DaSRA website  -www.dasra.co.uk - or copies of the Questionnaire can be picked up at Downderry Stores  and then posted in the DaSRA Post Box, sited in the shop.

The prospect of the adjacent villages adopting a Considerate Builders’ Code is being considered as a way of minimising any adverse impact that building works may have on local residents. Most concerns would be covered under headings such as Communication, Deliveries, Working Hours, Nuisance.   

Such a code has to be voluntary.  DaSRA and Neighbourhood Watch have no powers to enforce such a code and therefore local residents and builders must be willing to adopt it if such a scheme is to work.

This initiative is part of a new national campaign  A Better Place to Live  launched within DaSRA's association with Neighbourhood Watch to encourage local neighbourhoods to address issues that matter to them.

The outcome of the survey will be announced in July.


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7 March 2023: New Car Park Tariffs in Downderry and Seaton

For more information click here :

Notice from Deviock Parish Council  6 March 2023.: Consultation Deadline 23 March 2023

As many of you will be aware, Cornwall Council intends to apply a new Tariff Structure to its car parks in Downderry and Seaton (see below).  

  • The new Tariff will see increased rates and charging introduced at Seaton from 6pm until midnight in the Summer. Charging will also be introduced in Seaton from 9am to 4pm in the Winter.
  • The Tariffs at Broads Yard will increase and charging will  be introduced from 9am to 4pm in the Winter.

Cornwall Council are running a short public consultation and we would encourage you to make your feelings known before the 23 March Deadline.

See below on how to respond to the questionnaire

Here’s how to respond to the Consultation: If you are having difficulties in registering/logging on to the Consultation document, there are alternative ways to submit your views:

  • Online:   https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/TrafficConsult.
  • From this page, you click through to the consultation, which is the Cornwall Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2023.. You must log in or register to participate (not very user friendly I’m afraid).
  • Email: Email your response to parking@cornwall.gov.uk.
  • In writing: Write to Parking Services, PO Box 664, Truro, Cornwall TR1 9DH. (Any postal responses should allow for postal delays.)

If responding by Email or Post we suggest you format your response in the same way as the online form:

Q1: What are your views on this survey: Support / Object
Q2: Please write any comments you may have on the proposal. If you object to the scheme, you MUST state your reasons.
Q3: What is your postcode?

Your response must be received by 23 March 2023!


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14 December 2022; Food Bank fundraising concert raises £2,500

A magical evening of music in Downderry organised by Whitsand Harmony Choir and The DerryAirs shanty group, has raised nearly £2,500 for the Liskeard and Looe Food Bank.  The fundraising concert brought the local community together to raise awareness of the work of the Food Bank, while enjoying a special programme of singing and laughter.

Pre-concert donations totalled £680 and, by bulk buying, choir members, Jeff Rees and Raj Chotai, were able to buy items specifically requested by the Food Bank to the value of £999. The items were displayed at the concert venue, Downderry & Seaton Village Hall, to show the audience the value of pooling cash. The audience responded generously so that extra savings can be made on the next shopping trip.

“In recent months the need for our help from local residents has increased by 53% and sadly we think that over the winter months things will get worse and we will be needed even more.  We can only help those seeking help with the support of communities like Downderry and Seaton who have responded so generously at these worrying times,” said Cathy Lake, deputy manager of Liskeard & Looe Food Bank.

The Downderry and Seaton residents association (DaSRA) will continue the appeal during the winter months, when demand for Food Bank services is expected to remain especially high. Raj Chotai, DaSRA treasurer, will work with the Food Bank to maximise the value of future donations by bulk buying the requested household items.

If you would like to support our local Food Bank in this way, please put your donation in an envelope, marked FOOD BANK, and post it in the DaSRA box sited in Downderry Stores. Please add your contact details if you would like an acknowledgement of your donation.   If you prefer, please arrange  a bank transfer, 

Our Account Name is DaSRA. Sort Code: 09 01 53 Acc No. 89643289  Reference  Food Bank.  

For more information, call the Liskeard and Looe Food Bank (including Torpoint and Rame Peninsular) at 07512 011452 or visit www.dasra.co.uk to support the local appeal

If you have tins of food/household items that you would like to donate to the Food Bank, do add to the Green Box in the porch of St Nicolas Church, Downderry, open 24/7, which is delivered to Liskeard once a week.  


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13 June 2022 Community Notice Board damaged

Community Notice Board  - an apology to all those wanting to put up posters on the Board in the centre of Downderry. Within a couple of days of each other, the two latches being turned to open the front door broke away -first the top and then the bottom latch, rendering the door impossible to open. “Never happened before” so the manufacturer do not hold supplies hence we await delivery from France. At the time of writing this copy, no firm date set but we will do all we can to have it repaired as soon as possible. So disappointing especially since we have had such positive comments about the Notice Board.

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7 March 2022 Local Transport Survey launched

Subject: Rame Peninsula Public Transport Survey

Have your say!

The Parish Councils, Go Cornwall Bus, GWR and. Cornwall Council want to hear from you.

●What journeys would you like to make by bus or train but can’t?
●Should buses and trains be more convenient, cheaper, and accessible to all?
●Could the routes and times of services join up better with each other?
●How can information about trains and buses be more accurate and available?
●Does there need to be a different approach to how we get about, and how we can make transport greener?

A year ago (15 March 2021) Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Buses are lifelines and liberators, connecting people to jobs they couldn’t otherwise take, driving pensioners and young people to see their friends, sustaining town centres and protecting the environment. As we build back from the pandemic, better buses will be one of our first acts of levelling-up.” This was to be part of a £3 billion bus revolution.

Now, villagers on the Rame Peninsula are trying to follow that declaration through.  They have decided to run a survey (starting on 7 March 2022 until early May ) of all people aged 11 and over living in the Rame peninsula, Deviock and St Germans areas, to see what they think about improving and developing an integrated public transport system, linking trains, buses and ferries, and ensuring that the network meets their needs.  

The two public transport groups (Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group and the St Germans and Area Public Transport Group) have had extensive discussions with Cornwall Council, the parish councils, Community Rail Network, Go Cornwall Bus and Great Western Railway, and  have received backing to carry out the survey over the next two months. They are asking questions about the current journeys people make by bus and train - details of where they go, the time of day they travel etc. People are asked whether they can easily get to St Germans station, and about any local journeys which are not really possible. What are the reasons why they are difficult (such as the lack of bus routes, problems of timing, cost, etc)? Is information about bus or train services satisfactory, and what about delays or cancellations? Importantly, the survey asks for ideas about the integration of bus and train (and ferries), and if people have ideas about new ways of getting to places  - such as being able to phone for and book a mini-bus to get them to the main road, the ferry, or the train station (or perhaps to the seaside!)

Lizzy Stroud, chair of the St Germans & Area Public Transport Group said “We all know that in this time of climate emergency we need to use cars less and buses and trains more - but to be able to do that we need integrated services.” It is ironic that in these circumstances there are bus service cuts which are being proposed, and train companies are being told by the government to reduce their cost substantially.

The Public Transport Survey will run from 7 March and people can have their say till the start of May, using https://sgrug.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/transport-users-survey-go 

Printed copies of the survey will be in village shops, community centres, libraries etc on the Rame peninsula.
7th March 2022

Issued on behalf of The Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group, Secretary Geoff Cadwallader, 01503 230933

and  St Germans & Area Public Transport Group, Secretary Alan Cousins, 01503 230106 a.cousins345@btinternet.com

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16 February 2022. Scam warning re NHS Test and Trace

Cornwall Council warns of scam NHS Test and Trace text

Residents in Cornwall are being warned about a series of scam text messages claiming to be from NHS Test & Trace. The messages inform the recipient that they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or Omicron and asks them to click on a link to order a test. They are sent from seemingly random mobile phone numbers – a tell-tale sign they are a scam.

Elizabeth Kirk, Senior Trading Standards Officer at Cornwall Council, said: “These texts can seem very genuine, but the NHS, government or Public Health Cornwall would never send messages like this from a mobile phone. “The most important thing is to remember that the scammers want you to click a link. If you click the link, you could enable them to download malware, viruses or other nasties. “It might also give them access to your passwords for internet banking or any other sites you access from your phone.”

If you click the link accidentally:

  1. Close the web page it opened ASAP. This prevents further harm.
  1. NEVER enter passwords or other personal information onto any page you have opened by clicking a link.
  1. Reset any passwords you may have revealed.
  1. Update your phone’s operating system.
  1. Block the number that the text came from.
  1. Report the scam to Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime, run by the City of London Police. Visit the website or call them on 0300 123 2040.

Cllr Martyn Alvery, Cornwall Council’s Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, said:

“Scam calls and texts to mobile phones are a serious problem and some are extremely convincing.

“I would urge anyone who receives a text message that they are unsure about to think twice before clicking any links or divulging any personal information and seek advice.  

“For advice on scams call 0808 223 1133 and to report scams call 0300 123 2040. The more you respond to scams, the more you will be targeted.”

Follow Cornwall Trading Standards on Twitter - @TSCornwall - for information on the latest scams and advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.

People can also undertake a 20-minute scam-awareness training programme offered by Friends Against Scamsvisit their website for more information. The Think Jessica campaign also has useful information and tips on avoiding scams.

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20 January 2022; Street Lighting in Seaton

An application relating to a new housing development in Keveral Gardens, Seaton has raised concern among residents about the impact on light pollution affecting Seaton Valley.

Deviock Parish Council Chairman, Mark Gibbons and County Cllr Armand Toms have followed up the issues raised in a current application from the developers addressing the provision of street lighting. Although the original plan was originally approved in the 1960s , subsequent submissions established that permission remains valid, so the focus is now on reducing the impact of lighting. After discussions with the DPC Chair, the development company ha agreed to a revised application for unobtrusive, low level downlighting at the properties that would cause minimal light pollution.

Deviock Parish Council Facebook will update residents on any developments as they arise.

Deviock Parish Council Statement on application to discharge conditions at South Shores, Keveral Gardens development

PA21/12685 | Submission of details to discharge conditions 2, 4 and 5 of application no. PA17/04940



This application is to obtain approval for various elements of the design not fully detailed at the time of the 2017 application PA17/04940. This 2017 application itself was for approval of Reserved Matters relating to a Planning Application approved back in 2011.

The original planning application for this site was approved in the 1960's and was resubmitted in the 2000s to establish that this remained valid.

Although (then) Caradon District Council council rejected this assumption, the site owner argued that development had already started, stating that the existing houses on Keveral Gardens were phase 1 and that the access road into the rest of the site had already been constructed.

It went to appeal but despite investing significant resources, Caradon District Council lost the case in 2007.

As a result, the application is subject to 1960s regulations and despite the best efforts of both Caradon and Cornwall Council to limit the impact of potential development, their hands were tied as a result.


Street Lighting

The element of the current application that is of particular concern for residents relates to the provision of street lighting.  

Condition No 2 of the 2017 Approval requires that details, of any street lighting within the site, be submitted and approved before commencement of the development, in accordance with National and Cornwall Planning Policies.

The drawing submitted with the application to discharge the condition shows a total of twelve 2.5m high lamp posts evenly spaced along the private road of the development. There is no reference to how this lighting will be controlled.

The reason listed for this condition states that it is “in the interest of highway safety”, however the development is a private road at the end of an unlit private cul-de-sac so highways concerns would not seem relevant in this case.


Planning Process / Public Comment

As this is an application for discharge of conditions, the Parish Council is not automatically consulted or invited to comment.


Deviock Parish Council Response

On being made aware of residents’ concerns Deviock Parish Council immediately contacted our Cornwall Councillor to discuss the case.

Cllr Toms contacted the Planning Officer concerned and was informed that, as a result of the complex history of this application, they would be unable to refuse the current proposal for street lighting if it was progressed, as it complies with National and Cornwall Planning Policies.

Cllr Toms and DPC Chair agreed that the developers should be contacted to see if they were prepared to change their submission for twelve 2.5m high lamp posts in the interests of residents of Keveral Gardens and the wider parish community.


Parish Council Solution

Further to a telephone call from the DPC Chair, the Chief Executive of the development company agreed to submit a revised application for unobtrusive, low level downlighting at the properties that would cause minimal light pollution with as little impact as possible on the neighbourhood.

As there is no legal or planning requirement for them to so, this concession is entirely discretionary and a goodwill gesture to residents.

If followed through it will appear on the Cornwall Council Planning Portal in the usual way in due course.


Residents of Keveral Gardens have created a change.org petition to express their concerns but should note that petitions count as a single comment in planning terms.

Given the special conditions that apply to this application, and the Planning Officer’s view that refusal of the developer’s lighting proposals would be impossible, Deviock Parish Council is of the view that the negotiated solution here represents the best option for residents and that it is not possible for it to progress this further through the planning system and legal framework.

Further comments should therefore be addressed to the Planning Officer through the Cornwall Council Planning Portal here:


It should be noted that although the portal currently displays the message “This facility does not accept comments on this type of application”, some residents have been able to so by contacting the Planning department directly.

You will also find links for reporting problems and enforcement on our website here:


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6 January 2022: Deviock Parish Council take Covid precautions at monthly meetings.

Given the significant increase in local covid cases since Christmas, Deviock Parish Council will not hold public meetings during January & February 2022 and will operate under delegated authority.

This precaution was agreed at the December meeting to minimise disruption to Parish business in this eventuality and is being adopted following consultation with our Cornwall Councillor and CALC (Cornwall Association of Local Councils).

If you wish to contact the Parish Council during this period, please email the Clerk – clerk.deviockpc@btinternet.com.

During the period of delegated authority, the Clerk will publish a monthly summary of decisions taken and the reasons for them (which would ordinarily appear in Minutes) on this website, to ensure that the public remain informed and all decisions will be ratified in a physical meeting at the first available opportunity.


Planning application notifications will be posted on our website in January and February (in the absence of Agendas) and residents are invited to comment in the usual way on the Cornwall Council Planning site. Members of the public who would usually speak at the physical meeting should write or email with their comments to the Clerk – clerk.deviockpc@btinternet.com by 24th January for January applications and by 21st February for February applications.

Public toilets in the Parish will remain open due to ongoing antimicrobial cleansing which has been in place since summer 2020, supported by daily cleaning until further notice.

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29 November 2021: Important Notice for all Poultry & Captive Bird Keepers

Cornwall Council have announced that new housing measures to protect poultry and captive birds from avian influenza across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will come into force from 00:01 on Monday 29 November 2021.

Whether keepers have just a few birds, or thousands, from Monday 29 November they will be legally required to keep birds indoors or take appropriate steps to keep them separate from wild birds and follow strict  biosecurity measures in order to limit the spread of Avian Influenza.


Poultry keepers must now do the following:

  • house or net all poultry and captive birds to keep them separate from wild birds
  • cleanse and disinfect clothing, footwear, equipment and vehicles before and after contact with poultry and captive birds – if practical, use disposable protective clothing
  • reduce the movement of people, vehicles or equipment to and from areas where poultry and captive birds are kept, to minimise contamination from manure, slurry and other products,  and use effective vermin control
  • thoroughly cleanse and disinfect housing on a continuous basis
  • keep fresh disinfectant at the right concentration at all farm and poultry housing entry and exit points
  • minimise direct and indirect contact between poultry and captive birds and wild birds, including making sure all feed and water is not accessible to wild birds

Other Advice

  • The public are advised not to touch or pick up any dead or sick birds that they find. If dead swans, geese or ducks or other dead wild birds, such as gulls or birds of prey  are found they should be reported to the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77.
  • Bird keepers should report suspicion of disease in England to Defra Rural Services Helpline on 03000 200 301
  • Public health advice remains that the risk to human health from the virus is very low and food standards bodies advise that avian influenzas pose a very low food safety risk  for UK consumers.  There is no impact on the consumption of properly cooked poultry products including eggs.
  • Avian influenza is in no way connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is not carried in poultry or captive birds.

For further information :Andrew Burnside, Senior Trading Standards Officer , Cornwall Council

Animal Health Communities and Public Protection

Mobile: 07968 892205

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23 November 2021: Final Appeal to sign-up for Full Fibre Broadband in Downderry and Seaton

There is an opportunity to upgrade local property to full fibre to the premises (FTTP) as part of a scheme bringing Full Fibre Broadband to Downderry and Seaton, utilising government funding in partnership with Openreach. Government vouchers are available to communities where sufficient residents have pledged to sign-up with a provider to benefit from ultrafast broadband. Local residents Caroline Walmsley and Caroline Frith are leading on a local response to encourage individual households to sign-up. Following a recent meeting in the Downderry and Seaton Village Hall at which Outreach representatives set out the details of the scheme, they have announced that the village has now met 76% of the required pledges to secure funding to bring Full Fibre Broadband to Downderry and Seaton. They appeal to residents who have not yet pledged to do so by the end of the year and have set out a summary of what is involved.

Local community leads, Caroline Walmsley and Caroline Frith have prepared the following information:



When you pledge you are agreeing for the government to pay £1352 towards the upgrade of your property to full fibre to the premises (FTTP) connection. To ensure they are not paying grant money for an upgrade that isn't going to be used they require, within 2 months of the upgrade being complete, everyone who pledges to take out a Full Fibre (FTTP) package with any provider of their choice for a minimum of 12 months.  Your new package will have to be for:

i)  At least double your existing speed if your current speed is less than 50Mbps

ii) At least 100Mbps if your current speed is more than 50Mbps


There are numerous providers of FTTP packages including BT, TalkTalk, Vodafone, Sky, and many more. You may easily be able to upgrade from your current FTTC package to an FTTP one with the same provider in a simple transfer of service with no termination/transfer charges. Or, if your contract ends before the 12 month period it takes to upgrade the community, you could opt to be in a rolling contract, enabling you to move to a new provider of choice on completion of the upgrade.  The packages currently available vary in price from around £25 - £55.  The price of the package depends on the speed you choose, you do not need to take out the highest 900mb/s packages (unless you want to!) It just has to be a FTTP package and your provider will be able to tell you the options. You can also use price comparison websites to check packages and prices. 

Please contact your own internet provider and ask them to explain your options based on your current contract position.


Some people also seem to be worried about being 'tied in’. 

Your new FTTP contract will be no different to current contracts with providers you are already 'tied in' with. It is merely changing from one (FTTC) contract to another (FTTP) contract but the latter is faster and more reliable and you will, hopefully, find it is around the same cost, or even less.   


Please use your pledge and help our community to be future proofed (you may have 50 or 60 mb now, but that doesn’t mean that in a few years it will be sufficient for your added requirements or that others in your area will not be tapping into your current great speed); you could also add value to your property and put and end to your internet woes!  

The local community lead for Downderry and Seaton is Caroline Walmsley - dsfibrepartnership@gmail.com.

or email :  communityfibre @openreach.co.uk



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10 November 2021: Volunteers needed for Cornwall Food Action in S.E. Cornwall

Last year, The UK government, donated half a million pounds across the UK, to provide surplus food to community groups during the Covid-19 crisis. That money ended in March and now the voluntary sector is struggling to provide supplies for their much-needed food bags, meals on wheels, community larders and village halls.

Cornwall Food Action is seeking new volunteers to collect and distribute local surplus food from the supplier to the VSO (Voluntary Sector Organisation) network in the east of the county, specifically between Rame, Saltash and Liskeard.

As we bring in more food streams to our network, we will need more volunteers to collect and deliver those supplies to the groups that need them. We don't feed people directly; we supply the organisations that do.

If you can offer us a couple of hours a week or more picking up and dropping off food from manufacturer to Food Hubs or groups, either in a community van or your own car (mileage is paid for), we would be delighted to have you on board. Full training and membership of our charity would be provided. Our website is being rebuilt as we speak, so please look us up on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/cfacornwall

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Claire Best, Charity co-ordinator of Cornwall Food Action,claire@cornwallfoodaction.co.uk or call on 07821021464.                  

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3 November 2021; Parish Council buys Seaton Wildlife Woodland

Deviock Parish Council is pleased to announce that pre-auction negotiations to secure a 4.4acre wildlife woodland in Seaton has been successful and that contracts were exchanged today. (3 November 2021)

Chairman of Deviock Parish Council, Mark Gibbons, said "This was only possible as a result of the extraordinary response to our public fundraising campaign which, together with our earmarked reserves for land took us over the line ahead of a competitive auction.

Thank you to all who have contributed so generously, to our partners who responded rapidly and effectively to support the remarkable efforts of Parish Councillors on the ground here, and to the media who have generated interest and awareness. It is less than two weeks since we set out to secure this land and I am delighted that it is now protected for the benefit of residents, visitors and future generations.

We look forward to working with Cornwall Wildlife Trust and other supporters on a sustainable, long term management plan for this habitat and its wildlife!"


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23 October 2021; Parish Council launches community appeal to help protect wildlife woodland in Seaton Cornwall

Deviock Parish Council, endorsed by Cornwall Wildlife Trust and supported by Cornwall Council, will be competing at auction on Thursday 28th October to protect wildlife woodlands adjacent to a popular Countryside Park at the mouth of the River Seaton in Cornwall.
If successful, the land will be brought into public ownership and protected for the benefit of both the local community and visitors to this popular seaside resort.
Cornwall Wildlife Trust will work with the Parish Council on an appropriate and sustainable Habitat Management Plan for the land.

A Crowdfunded appeal has been launched to raise funds. Deadline for donations 17.00 hrs Thursday 28 October 2021


A 4.77 acre plot of land, divided into two lots, at the mouth of the River Seaton is being auctioned on Thursday 28th October 2021.
This land is subject to planning designations that include a Tree Preservation Order Area, an Area of Great Landscape Value and a County Wildlife Site. These unfortunately do not guarantee its future.
It is directly adjacent to Seaton Countryside Park and the Forestry Commission confirms the presence of numerous Priority Species including Protected Species such as Brown long-eared Daubenton’s bats, Dormouse, and Otter.
As well as its wildlife woodland status, this land plays a role in flood mitigation, and the Parish Council is concerned that any development may exacerbate existing flood issues in the area and threaten the quality of water entering the sea.
It is the Parish Council’s intention to enter this auction and to protect this land for the public.
The Parish Council has allocated a budget from its land acquisition fund and has engaged with partners including Cornwall Council and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.
However, given the very short notice and interest in the lots, The Parish Council is unlikely to succeed without community support and has launched an emergency Crowdfunder campaign to allow the public to contribute:


For further information, please contact the Parish Clerk - clerk.deviockpc@btinternet.com.
Statement from the Chair
Deviock Parish Council was alerted to this auction less than two weeks ago.
It's a significant plot, in an important location, which many assume is part of the Countryside Park.
It enjoys some protections, which we have researched and made clear to the vendors and the public, but there are absolutely no guarantees that it is safe from development (which we would challenge of course) either now or in the future.
So, we immediately engaged with a number of agencies and have benefited from their views, advice and support - but when it became clear that none were in a position to buy it, we voted to act on behalf of the community rather than let this slip by.
As a result of the diligence of previous councils, DPC has a ring-fenced fund for land acquisition - so the many other initiatives we are currently engaged in (from the provision of youth facilities to the devolution of assets to the parish) will not be affected by our participation.
However, we are not sufficiently resourced to compete on this level - so we rapidly planned and launched a fundraising initiative which includes this public Crowdfunder campaign.
As a result of the extraordinary efforts of Councillors (all unpaid volunteers), and the support of partners used to making decisions over months and years rather than days, we have created an opportunity for the public to influence the fate of this land.
If you are happy to chance it, let it go to a commercial concern, and trust the current planning system to withstand a well-funded assault on some tenuous protections, then do nothing.
If you would prefer to see it taken into public ownership, managed with support from Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and have an ongoing say about its future, then please support us.
It's an ambitious, maybe impossible, target - but regardless of the outcome I am satisfied that the Parish Council has done everything within its power to provide the public with a choice in the matter.
Mark Gibbons
Chair - Deviock Parish Council

For further information, please contact the Parish Clerk - clerk.deviockpc@btinternet.com.

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8 October 2021: Cornwall Council seeking residents views on housing crisis

Two new Cornwall Council surveys are asking for residents’ views on the most important housing challenges facing Cornwall. The surveys will gather views on second homes, affordability, availability and what action should be taken . Addressing these challenges is a key priority for the council, and the results will help shape housing strategy in the coming months and years.

The first survey will help inform the Housing Crisis Plan to respond to the housing pressures in Cornwall, including addressing issues around availability and affordability.

The Council is also reviewing its overall Housing Strategy, which will be informed by residents feedback.

The plan will set out a series of action to be taken by the council and its housing partners, working with communities over the next year to ensure that Cornwall’s housing market enables residents to secure a home they can afford.

Secondly, the Council is reviewing its Housing Strategy, with resident feedback a key part of that process. 

The strategy looks at the priorities for homes for the rest of this decade, and provides a framework for other plans, strategies and projects.

Initial engagement was carried out earlier this year and now the team is building on that work by producing a draft strategy, which will be consulted upon formally over the winter.

Councillor Olly Monk, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Planning, said: “We have been working hard to address the housing issues we are facing, and these two surveys will add to our understanding of what residents and stakeholders think about the challenges we face. 

“Everyone in Cornwall deserves a safe and secure home in which to live and the feedback we receive will help us to continue to shape what we do to make that happen.”

In relation to the Housing Crisis Plan, residents are being asked seven questions around the immediate housing issues. Responses can be submitted via Responding to Cornwall’s Housing Crisis until midnight on Friday, October 29.

The survey on the Housing Strategy is open until 5pm on Monday, November 8, and can also be completed via Let’s Talk Homes. 

The Council also continues to work to:  

  • Buy homes for social housing  
  • Build more Council houses
  • Support the provision of more affordable homes by housing associations for local people to rent or buy  
  • Ensure sites deliver affordable housing through the planning process 
  • Unlock the potential for town centres to be regenerated to provide more housing  
  • Support community-led organisations that want to deliver their own homes  
  • Offer loans to bring empty homes back into use  

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27 August 2021; Cornwall designated Enhanced Response Area to tackle spread of Covid- 19 cases  

Cornwall has today been designated an ‘Enhanced Response Area’ to help tackle the current rise in COVID-19 cases.

It means that additional resources will be made available by the government to help reinforce Cornwall Council’s efforts to stop the spread of the virus and keep residents safe, with more details expected next week.

Case rates in Cornwall are rising sharply and are some of the highest in the country, so please continue to encourage people in your area to keep testing and taking care:

To keep taking care of ourselves and others, we should all:

  • Get double jabbed. Find out where to get your vaccination here.
  • Take regular lateral flow tests.
  • Wash or sanitise our hands regularly.
  • Wear a mask in crowds and on public transport.
  • Keep our distance from others where possible.
  • Meet people outside if possible and ensure indoor areas are well-ventilated if not.


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25 August 2021: Tamar Bridge ready for August Bank Holiday

Four traffic lanes on Tamar Bridge will be in use over the August Bank holiday weekend  between the afternoon of Friday 27 August and the evening of Monday 30 August. The centre lane of the main deck will remain closed, with the  two east bound lanes and two west bound lanes open throughout the period.


Work on the north half of the deck was originally due to be completed by the end of August. The earlier completion means that, rather than immediately moving the works onto the south half of the deck, four vehicle lanes will be operating between the afternoon of Friday, 27 August and the evening of Monday, 30 August to help ease congestion over the bank holiday weekend. The centre lane of the main deck will remain closed, with the  two east bound lanes and two west bound lanes open throughout the period.


As work on the south side of the main deck was not due to begin until the middle of next week, the decision to suspend works and return the bridge to four traffic lanes over the bank holiday weekend will not impact on the final phase of the programme. 


“We are delighted that we will be able to provide four traffic lanes on the bridge over the bank holiday weekend” said Councillors Martin Worth and Jonathan Drean, the Joint Chairs of the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee. 

“We know that this summer has been particularly busy as many more people than usual have chosen to visit Cornwall as a result of the overseas travel restrictions caused by COVID. We are also very aware of the significant impact of the resurfacing works on local residents, commuters, bus and coach companies and the haulage industry and are continuing to do everything we can to minimise disruption.  

“Our contractor has worked hard to complete this current phase in time for what is likely to be an extremely busy weekend. The opening of the additional lane will enable the control room staff to respond to any incidents or accidents on the bridge more quickly, reducing traffic build up and potential delays. “


Nathan Wakfer, senior project manager for VolkerLaser, said “We are pleased to be in a position where we can complete this phase earlier than programmed in order to free up an additional running lane for Tamar control during what is predicted to be a busy weekend”. 


Traffic management arrangements for the south side of the deck will now be introduced on the evening of Monday, 30 August so that they are in place for the contractor to start work on Tuesday morning.

The next phase will see the westbound lane and centre lane on the main deck closed to traffic, with the remaining lane used as the tidal flow lane to help manage traffic flows. 


The north cantilever will continue to be used for eastbound traffic from Cornwall and for local Saltash traffic, with lane 7 on the toll plaza acting as a tag only lane as normal. The south cantilever will remain open for westbound traffic travelling from Plymouth into Cornwall. The shuttle bus service will continue to operate as normal. 


As the move onto to south side of the deck and the associated traffic management arrangements will be unfamiliar to many users,  drivers are asked to pay particular attention to the new lane layouts, traffic signs and prevailing traffic conditions.  



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28 July 2021. Cornwall Council act on complaints about rubbish being left in Seaton

Cornwall Council have responded to a complaint made to local County Councillor Armand Toms about rubbish being dumped near waste bins in Seaton. The Council have instructed Biffa, their waste collection contractor, to consider solutions.

Biffa have been monitoring the bins at Seaton very closely and it is clear that on some days, there are amounts of waste left alongside bins. There is always capacity in some bins when emptied in the mornings, so it is evident that people, when leaving the beach, are not prepared to place their waste in bins that have capacity; it seems that people  would rather leave their rubbish alongside the nearest bin to them at that time.  Biffa have looked to see if any of the bins can be moved to alleviate this issue but as there has to be adequate space for wheelchair users and pushchairs, the bins do need to stay sited where they are.

To try to help this situation Cornwall Council have instructed Biffa to place another large nexus bin at Seaton. However as there is capacity in bins at present we may still experience waste being left alongside bins when people are leaving the beach but unfortunately there are no other measures that can be put in place to prevent this happening.

Biffa are also monitoring the bins at Downderry  where, on certain days, they are found to be overflowing due to people staying on the beach much later in the evenings. These bins are scheduled to be emptied on the early morning bin run.  There is no option to place additional bins here as the bins are on the slipway so cannot place larger bins due to access.


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8 May 2021: Local Government Election Results

The results of the Local Elections held on 6 May 2021 have announced the county and parish councillors representing the Deviock Parish

County Council representative: Cllr Armand Toms (Independent) - representing East Looe and Deviock Parish

Deviock Parish Council:

Downderry Ward.Cllrs Helen Brockback; Mark Cornwall: James Millidge

Hessenford Ward: Cllrsl David Cormack; Ann Robinson: Angela Thorpe

Seaton Ward: Cllrs Jim Candy; John Croft: Scott Parry

For more details. follow  http://www.deviockparish.org.uk

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9 May 2021. Local Election Results

Cornwall Council have announced the names of persons nominated for election as Council and Parish Councillors on 6 May 2021. All seats in Cornwall are due for

re-election. Deviock Parish is now part of Looe East & Deviock electoral division (ED).

County Council Nominations for Looe East and Deviock are

Cllr Armand Jean Toms: 

Local  Council Nominations for Deviock Parish Council are*

*Downderry Ward: (5 seats): Helen Brockback: Mark Cornwall: James Millidge

*Hessenford Ward: (3 seats): David Cormack: Ann Robinson: Angela Thorpe

*Seaton Ward: (3 seats) Jim Candy: John Croft: Scott Parry

*Where there's only one candidate for a council seat, councillors are elected without any votes being cast

For full details visit  https://www.cornwall.gov.uk

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25 February 2021. DaSRA launch Membership Scheme

Time to Join Up and Join In DaSRA (Downderrry and Seaton Residents Association) is launching a membership scheme as part of a drive to strengthen the community’s voice in shaping local affairs. 

“We believe a subscribed membership scheme will greatly enhance the association’s ability to exercise influence on matters that affect the well-being of our community,” says Laura Done, chair of DaSRA. “It will also provide an appropriate channel for residents to discuss and act on issues of common concern and interest.The more members, the louder the voice when we are fighting for local causes or campaigning on local issues .” 

DaSRA provides a collective voice for residents living in Downderry and Seaton and acts as a focus for consultation to lobby for change
Membership fee is set at £5 per annum for single residents or £10 per annum for whole household. Associate membership is available at £10 pa to businesses and also to individuals who live outide the area but support DaSRA's aim and objectives. 

Leaflets setting out details of the scheme are being hand delivered to every household in the two villages in late February. The annual subscription is £5 per annum for a single individual or £10 per household.  Subscribers will have the opportunity to vote on future activities that affect the wider community.

Full details of the scheme are available on DaSRA’s website www.dasra.co.uk. Residents can also contact Jeanette Langfeld, DaSRA membership secretary, on 01503 250957 or Laura Done, DaSRA chair on 01503 250911. Or you can email DaSRA at info@dasra.co.uk

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2 February 2021. National Great Art Exhibition Can Come to Downderry & Seaton

The Great Art Exhibition - local residents encouraged to "turn their windows into a "magical patchwork of creativity'

Museums and leading artists are inviting the British public to take part in what they hope will be the biggest art exhibition ever mounted.

The Great Big Art Exhibition is being launched by Sir Antony Gormley, who is asking people to make an artwork at home and put in their window or garden.

The Angel of the North sculptor said the ambition was to create a country-wide show of imagination and optimism, inspired by the rainbow images people made to celebrate the NHS and keyworkers during the first lockdown.

Details of how to take part, including a free activity pack, are available from Colchester-based arts organisation, firstsite.uk.
"At a time when all the theatres and galleries are shut it is wonderful to somehow tap into the extraordinary reservoirs of creativity in the country and celebrate the diversity of range and thought and feelings that exist," Sir Antony said.

Sir Anthony has suggested animals as the theme for the first two weeks of The Great Big Art Exhibition."We want to let the inner animal out," he said. "People will find their inner animal… it could be a whale or a dinosaur". The second theme of the Exhibition, which will run until the April, will be Portraits, and more themes will follow.

First Site wants to hear from individuals who want to take part. If you would like to be involved, log into https://firstsite.uk to request more information. There is no local organiser - participation is open to all, throughout the country.

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31 January 2021: DaSRA Push for Fast Broadband

DaSRA seeks to guage interest in fast broadband reaching local homes

DaSRA (Downderry and Seaton Residents Association) are helping to create a 'Community Fibre Partnership' with Openreach, with the aim of bringing Superfast fibre to homes in Downderry and Seaton.

DaSRA Committee Member Caroline Frith, with resident Caroline Walmsley, are co-ordinating a list of residents wanting their property to be included in this register. If sufficient households register their interest, Openreach will put together an obligation free quote. Openreach will pay a portion, the rest is for the community to finance and this can be funded by government gigabit vouchers, £1500 vouchers for residential properties and £3500 per business property (including sole traders.)

Residents who are experiencing slow and inconsistent internet service and would like to register their interest in this scheme are asked to provide their email and postal address by email to dsfibrepartnership@gmail.com or to info@dasra.co.uk so their address can be added to the list. They should also indicate if a business/sole trader is registered at their address, thereby being eligible for the higher value of vouchers.

DaSRA’s Facebook page will keep residents updated on progress. Anyone wanting more information should contact Caroline Frith 07747 602820

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30 January 2021: Census 2021 to Take Place On-Line in March

Cornwall Council have announced details of the once-in-a-decade Census survey to be run predominately on line on 21 March 2021

Census 2021

Households across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will soon be asked to take part in Census 2021, the once-in-a-decade survey that gives the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. It will be the first census run predominantly online, with households receiving a letter with a unique access code, allowing them to complete the questionnaire on their computers, phones or tablets. Census day will be on 21 March, but households will receive their letter with the online code from early March.

Please encourage people in your area to take part. The information from the census helps councils plan and fund public services and can also be used as evidence to help charities and voluntary organisations get funding.

For more information, visit the census.gov.uk website.

It is important that people understand that they can identify as Cornish on the Census and how to do so. This will provide valuable information on the Cornish which can influence policy making and funding decisions. Cornwall Council, in conjunction with Census 2021, will be promoting this.

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12 November: Covid-19 Public Health Warning to Residents in East Cornwall

People in East Cornwall are being urged to follow the government's ' hands, face and space' public health guidance to keep Covid-19 at bay as cases continue to rise in the area.

Cornwall Council’s public health team is asking residents in East Cornwall to stick to the rules and be especially mindful of how easily the virus can spread.

Data analysis by Cornwall Council’s public health specialists shows cases in the east of the county are higher on average than in other areas.

People can check out where the hotspots are on the government’s interactive map here https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/interactive-map

Cllr Sally Hawken, Cornwall Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children, Wellbeing and Public Health, who represents Liskeard East, said: “We’re seeing cases continue to rise in East Cornwall and it’s vital that we put the brakes on this. These are cases that are being transmitted within groups of families and friends, allowing the virus to easily move from household to household. In the past the virus has been linked to workplace outbreaks which are easier for us to contain, but this change in pattern of spread shows us that we all really need to be careful.

“Even though we’re currently in lockdown, people need to remember the basic guidance – wash your hands regularly, use a face covering when social distancing is not possible and try to keep your distance from those not in your household.

“Following these simple steps could make a significant difference in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and help protect you and your friends, colleagues and family from the virus.”

Rachel Wigglesworth, Director of Public Health for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, said: “While cases remain relatively low in Cornwall compared to the rest of the country and the announcement of a possible vaccine is great news, we can’t afford to be complacent.

“Cases continue to climb across Cornwall - especially in East Cornwall along the border where we urge people more than ever to follow the rules and be mindful of how easily the virus can be spread.”

If you have any of the three main COVID-19 symptoms – a new continuous cough, a high temperature and a loss of taste or smell, you must self-isolate and your household must continue to self-isolate while waiting for a test. You also must continue to isolate until you get your test results.

Anyone who tests positive must self-isolate, along with all members of their household, whether they have symptoms or not.

For more information on the rules and guidance visit www.gov.uk or www.cornwall.gov.uk

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5 November: South West Water Divert Traffic from Main Road Downderry 9-13 November

From 9 November, for five days, South West Water will be closing part of Main Road, Downderry. They will be working on the area outside Seawinds, a section between Deviock Hill and Downderry Stores, necessary to make improvement in the water main in the village. A road diversion will be in place directing vehicles through Narkus and Hessingford.

South West Water will place signs in the relevant locations to direct the traffic through the diversion. The bus company, the school and refuse collectors have been notified. For further information , contact South West Water on 0344 346 2020 quoting reference no. LM213 MB8097025 Main Road Downderry

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22 September: Downderry Public Toilet Reopened

The Disabled Public Toilet in Downderry has been reopened and is available to be used by all.

At their monthly Deviock Parish Council Meeting held on 10 September, Councillors made the decision to reopen the public toilet in Downderry. Cornwall Council's contractors, Cormac, have sanitised the Disabled cubicle with the 30 day 'super sanitiser' and the Disabled Toilet is now open and available to use by all. The individual Ladies and Gents cubicles remain closed.

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10 September: DaSRA's Submission Re Opening of Public Toilets in Downderry

DaSRA participates in Deviock Parish Council's meeting discussing the opening of public toilets in Downderry

DaSRA’s Public Participation presentation re Opening of Public Toilets in Downderry

"As Chair of DaSRA, I would like to comment on Agenda Item 7.2. Seaton and Downderry Public Toilets. Many residents continue to express their concern at the closure of the public toilets in Downderry and I’m sure you have had direct contact with residents on this matter. It is very much seen as a public health issue.

We appreciate it’s not a simple matter of opening the facility when the risk of a Covid pandemic is still with us. You pointed out in your Nut Tree entry on 15 July the problems you faced in assessing and mitigating against the risk of spreading disease, and in needing to ensure the supply of signage, sanitisers and PPE and the training of staff. That was an understandable position in early lockdown affecting many areas around the country. You obviously overcame these early barriers to enable you to open one toilet in Seaton on 25 July - much needed with the increase in tourists to the area. No mention was made of Downderry toilets at that time, so without specific information, it has been begging the question: if Seaton, why not Downderry.

I understand Councillors discussed the issue of opening the publlc toilet in Downderry at your Planning meeting on 20 August when it was noted that Seaton was working with manageable and orderly queues and responsible users. That is good news. However the reason stated in Councillors decision to keep Downderry toilets closed was that opening the toilet would introduce an additional risk to the centre of Downderry, and to our vulnerable community. It was also noted that there were other toilets in the village available to the public. One assumes Councillors were referring to local commercial premises but that does not seem to be the case. With no further explanations issued, residents are left asking - how can closed toilets be a lesser risk to residents than the potential of people using undesignated spaces - surely the current position presents a greater public health risk.

Concern among residents remains strong, so tonight, I am asking Councillors that, unless there is evidence to demand otherwise,

Please open Downderry Toilets following the same procedures as is in place in Seaton and please communicate with your constituents.

Whatever the insurmountable practicalities are that you cannot resolve in Downderry, whatever evidence you have that the health of our community is at greater risk by opening the public toilets, whatever alternative arrangements you know are in place locally to satisfy the basic need to use toilets, please share that information with us. The Council and DaSRA each have resources in place to ensure residents are kept informed through our websites and Facebook pages. You will know that DaSRA’s remit is to pass on information of interest to residents, and this topic IS of interest. Please do keep us informed. Thank You.

Laura Done, Chair, DaSRA

Downderry and Seaton Residents Association

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29 August Open Studios in Downderry

Five Downderry Artists are opening their studios from 29 August - 6 September

Five local artists from Downderry are taking part in the annual Open Studios Cornwall from 29 August to 6 September. 200 plus artists across the county will be welcoming socially distanced visitors into their studios. Participants who are not able to throw open their doors for reasons of limited space or personal vulnerability will be offering virtual studio tours and additional digital content. Visit www.openstudioscornwall.co.uk for details.

The Downderry artists are booking individual appointments so please phone to make your own arrangements. Downderry based artists are:

Claudia Hocking - artist and illustrator O1503 250236

Beth Munro - printmaker 01503 250220
Jessie Sneyd - mosaic/printmaker
Carol Pollard - photographer/printmaker

Caroline Frith - glass artist 01503 250952

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26 August Downderry Public Toilets

Deviock Parish Council update on Downderry public toilets.

Deviock Parish Council. Public toilets was admitted as an urgent business item at the Planning meeting on 20th August 2020. Councillors discussed both the current situation at Seaton and the request by a local organisation for Downderry toilets to be opened. It was proposed and agreed that no further toilets are opened at Seaton at this time, as regular monitoring shows that any queues are manageable and orderly and users are being responsible.
It was also proposed and agreed to keep Downderry toilets closed at this time. It was considered that opening a toilet would introduce an additional risk to the centre of Downderry, a vulnerable community, when there are other toilets open to the public. A sign would be erected on the Downderry toilet door signposting visitors to the nearest open toilets in both Downderry and Seaton.The Parish Council will continue to monitor and assess the situation with public toilets as information becomes available.The above statement will be reflected in the published minutes in due course.

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20 July Statement to Cornish Times from Downderry Stores

The following is a statement given to the Cornish Times on 20 July, 2020 by Kim and Richard James, owners of Downderry Stores, Downderry, Cornwall.

“Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic we have been doing our best to keep our community provided with essential supplies. Downderry Stores is the only village shop in Downderry, and we are very aware that we serve many older and potentially vulnerable residents for whom the pandemic has posed - and is still posing - a particularly serious challenge. We have also been very mindful of the need to protect our wonderful staff team, who have suddenly found themselves as key workers in a very real way serving on the frontline.

We have tried to do, as much as we can, to create a protective bubble around the village community, while increasing the range of essential supplies to make it less necessary for our customers to travel out of the village to reach supermarkets in neighbouring towns. In the early intense weeks of the lockdown, we took the difficult decision, that we would only serve local residents. The government at the time was seeking to stop all non-essential travel, while closing down visitor destinations and accommodation.

All the way through we have placed very clear signs outside the entrance to our shop politely explaining our policy and asking visitors for understanding and respect for this approach.

As the government has taken steps cautiously to ease the lockdown in recent weeks, all businesses have had to face very difficult decisions about when and how to ease their own operating rules. Our guiding principle has been to protect as best we can both our village residents and our staff. We wanted to be cautious, an approach very much supported by our residents, until finally the government on July 14 said that face masks should be worn in shops.

This government move made it possible for us to resume serving all customers, as long as they agree to observe the 'Covid-safe' rules about social distancing, and as long as they wear face masks. We can only hope that all customers wishing to use Downderry Stores can respect this approach. If they can, they are welcome, and they are playing their part in keeping our village as safe as possible.

We have been overwhelmed by the wave of support we have received from our community for the approach we have taken.”

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Dasra's Response to Article on Downderry Stores in Cornish Times 17 July 2020

Dismay in Downderry

Residents of a south-east Cornwall coastal village have quickly rallied to the support of their local shop, Downderry Stores, in the face of fierce criticism from two visitors of the shop’s policy of seeking to protect the local community during the continuing Coronavirus-Covid-19 pandemic.

“The shop is at centre of village life. In particular during the first couple of months of the lockdown it became the absolute lifeline, providing most of the essential supplies needed to keep life going and making it unnecessary to make journeys out to supermarkets 10 miles or more away from the village.

“The shop also very much went the extra mile, providing a service, for example, to collect and deliver medical prescriptions, and also taking the lead in providing and delivering food boxes for needy families in the community in response to a request from the Downderry primary school. The service was paid for by local residents.”

The role played by the shop during the darkest days of the pandemic has recently been recognised by a plaque presented by grateful members of the village in early July.

The plaque says simply, “Thank you Downderry Stores. Kim, Richard and all your wonderful team, you are the hub of our community. Thank you for all your efforts in keeping us safe and supplied with the essentials of life during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020. From the residents of Downderry and Seaton.”

“In order to try to reduce the risk of spreading the virus unintentionally and also to protect their staff, Kim and Richard decided the best approach would be to shield the shop by allowing sales only to local residents. It helped provide some peace of mind, especially for older villagers,” said Tina Jefferis, a long-time resident.

The policy was called into question last week by two visitors to Downderry, brothers Graham and Mark Carter, whose unhappiness was reported on the front page of the Cornish Times (July 17, 2020).

The newspaper said, “they were ‘flabbergasted’ to be refused entry to the shop.” Graham was quoted as saying, “I have been coming to Downderry for more than 60 years. I learned to swim here when I was seven.”

The story carried the headline, “SHOP REFUSES CUSTOM OF NON-LOCALS” with a strapline beneath it “Visitors vow never to return.”

“It’s a pity the story was built on the complaint of just two people,” said David Watters, a Downderry resident, “and it failed to report the views of a single person in the village. Equally if a reporter were to have visited the village, he or she would have been able to read the plaque in the shop, which truly reflects the feelings of most locals.”

“Any visitor to the village shop could have seen the approach it was taking by reading the very clear signs at the entrance. If visitors read them and thought about them, there would be no need to be ‘flabbergasted.’ Instead they could just show some respect and understanding for a community and its shop trying to do their best to stay safe in incredibly difficult times.”

The signs have included the words, “Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience as a result of these essential measures and thank you for your understanding during a difficult period. We look forward to resuming our normal services as soon as possible.”

Mr Carter, who told the Cornish Times, “I don’t see how any shopkeeper can decide they don’t need the income,” was given an explanation by Ann Vandermuelen, development manager for FSB Cornwall, the network for small businesses and the self-employed.

“Businesses like this are not just a shop,” she said. “They are the beating heart of the community that they serve. Rather than simply rake in the cash from every passer by, they have thought about the safety of their customers in a village that has been trying to create a safe bubble.

“It does not make business sense to upset anyone,” said Ms Vandermuelen, “and the team at Downderry Stores seems to have gone to great lengths to be totally professional and explain the situation to visitors. This has been met, for the most part, with understanding in such strange and difficult times.”

The owners of the village shop said they had regularly reviewed their policy on how to keep the shop as safe as possible.

“Nothing is perfect, and nothing stays the same. But you have to try,” said Mr James. “The government now says all customers in shops must wear face masks. We revised our policy on July 14 to reflect these guidelines, so we can serve all customers who respect the rules. Downderry is a strong village with a strong ethos of self-help. Neighbours and volunteers are ready to assist the more vulnerable, and our shop has been in the forefront of that effort.

“With these new guidelines in place, Downderry Stores is more than ready to welcome back old visitors and new. And we ask all customers to be patient and respect our attempts to stay as safe as we can.”


For contact: Laura Done, Chair, Downderry & Seaton Residents Association (DaSRA)

Tel: 01503 250911 email: info@dasra.co.uk

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26 June 2020. Deviock Parish Council Confirm Public Conveniences to Remain Closed

Deviock Parish Councillors have released a statement confirming that the local public toilets will remain closed. "Deviock Parish Council is continually reviewing our options and our policies regarding the provision of the public conveniences in Downderry and Seaton and we are currently undertaking the required Covid 19 secure risk assessment and liaising at county level regarding the provision of the cleaning services, equipment and training required to safely re-open them very soon.The public and local businesses will be advised as soon as we are able to confirm a schedule.Thank you for your understanding.

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19 June 2020: Downderry and Seaton Toilets Stay Closed

Deviock Parish Council has carried out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment to identify whether sufficient measures can be put in place to allow the Public Toilets in Downderry and Seaton to be open to the public. Parish Councillors do not consider that sufficient measures can be achieved to protect visitors, residents and the contractor who cleans these toilets, and, therefore, have concluded that these public toilets will remain closed. The full statement can be read on DPC website http://www.deviockparish.org./Noticeboard

This decision will be reviewed on, or before, 29 June 2020.

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3 June 2020: Environment Agency Invite Flooding Focus Group Members

The Environment Agency are "inviting residents to participate in a compensated online focus group to discuss your thoughts, views and experience of flooding in the area. Contributions, which would be treated anonymously, would feed into a piece of research for the Environment Agency exploring how communities such as yours could be better protected against the damage caused by flooding. You would be compensated £25 for participation in a 90-minute online video conference call using Google Hangouts during the working day between the dates now and 24th June. Also, on the conference call would be up to five other participants as well as two researchers from WPI Economics, a research consultancy who are assisting the Environment Agency on this project. If you would be prepared to participate and have some availability during time stated, or for more information, please contact joe.ahern@wpieconomics.com."

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1 May 2020. Funding Opportunities for Communities

Cornwall Community Foundation have asked us to remind everyone that the COVID 19 Emergency Fund is open for applications. They welcome volunteering and newly-formed, non-constituted groups and they have provided some useful information on how to apply - https://www.cornwallcommunityfoundation.com/essential-guidelines-to-applying-for-grant-during-coronavirus/

They also have a range of other grants that may be available so it is always worth contacting them to discuss your funding requirements.

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29 April 2020: Appeal Launched to Provide Extra Meals for Local School Children

The Head of St Nicolas School and the Pastoral Committee of St Nicolas Church in Downderry have launched an appeal to help young families provide extra meals to their chldren during the Coronavirus lockdown. Working with Downderry Stores a box of essential foods to the value of £30 will be delivered to the school for the Head to pass onto families known to the school to be experiencing hardship.

How you can Help

  • Fund a food box - Pledge £30 to be paid to the shop when a Food Box is ready to distribute*
  • Donate any amount of cash which will be pooled to fund individual Food Boxes. Envelope to be marked marked 'For Families in Need'. Donors can add their name if they so wish. *
  • Leave tins, dry food etc in a covered Food Bank box held at St Nicolas School, during school days.

*For more details, contact David Watters, Jasione, Front Road, Downderry. 01503 250 521

email: david.watters1@gmail.com

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9 April 2020; Rnli Asks the Public to Stay out For the Sea This Easter

The RNLI has asked the public not to enter the water over Easter weekend.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is advising people that they should not take part in any water based activity on or in the sea, to reduce the risk to the lifesaving charity’s volunteer crews and other front line emergency services being exposed to COVID-19, and the pressure on their time.. Under normal circumstances, many people would be heading to the coast this weekend to enjoy the Easter bank holiday. Given the current COVID-19 outbreak, the RNLI is urging everyone to follow Government instructions, which are clear: stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.

While people are allowed out for daily exercise, the RNLI does not recommend that this exercise is on or in the sea.The charity’s lifeboat service is still available but every time a lifeboat crew is called to an incident, it puts additional pressure on RNLI volunteers and other front line emergency services as well as potentially exposing them to COVID-19.

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2 April: Citybus Announce New No 75 Bus Covid-19 Emergency Route for Downderry and Seaton

CITYBUS: From 2nd April 2020, Transport for Cornwall and City Bus have stopped their normal bus routes which service rural communities such as Downderry and Seaton for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic. City Bus explains their decision " Bus travel has fallen by 90% and, with driver illness, it has become very difficult for the bus companies to continue certain routes". They have, however, introduced an emergency No 75 bus service that will visit Downderry and Seaton. For full bus timetable, Click on
Citybus No 75 Covid-19 Emergency Bus Service 2nd April 2020

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Citybus' New Covid-19 Timetable 2 April 2020

Transport for Cornwall and Citybus have announced that they will be operating special timetables until further notice. The No 75 bus service which travels Torpoint/Plymouth to Liskeard, through Downderry and Seaton will NOT run. Cllr Richard Pugh confirmed " A new timetable called COVID 19 has started which affects all rural communities. The 75 bus route will not operate. Bus travel has fallen by about 90% and with driver illness it became very difficult for the bus companies to continue certain routes. ...I have put a case forward and Citybus has been very helpful. An emergency bus service will operate on an emergency timetable.

CityBus' detailed timetable can be found on Public Services

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30 March: Cornwall Council Confirm Visitor Restrictions

Cornwall Council issued the following statement in answer to the many enquiries about the continuing presence of visitors in the area. "There is now a Devon and Cornwall Police webpage on the restrictions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. There is a form where activities that should not be taking place can be reported to. Residents can also ring 101. The link is https://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/advice/covid-19-coronavirus/covid-19-faqs and the form to complete is https://services.devon-cornwall.police.uk/crimereporting/

In addition, any reports of businesses contravening the restrictions can be sent to businesscompliance@cornwall.gov.uk so that enforcement action can be taken.

Visit Cornwall and the Council have both issued statements saying that visitors should stay away from Cornwall because a holiday is not an essential reason to travel, and Visit Cornwall has a webpage https://www.visitcornwall.com/coronavirus-covid-19 ……. this message cannot be said too often”.

Deviock Parish Council have added: Please remember that we need to act together as a community to ensure that we keep coronavirus risk to a minimum. Therefore it is really important that we remain calm over this difficult period, and show respect to one another.

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26 March. Cornwall Council Answers Covid-19 Enquiries

RNLI Lifeguards

RNLI Lifeguards were due to be deployed across our beaches as of this weekend, but to help combat the spread of coronavirus the provision has been temporarily withdrawn.

This is a necessary step to protect staff and prevent the spread of coronavirus, and we ask that any residents using beaches as part of their daily exercise routine observe social distancing and remain vigilant near the water.

Homeless provisions

The Council is aware that there is increasing concern about members of the community who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

Keeping residents safe is our number one priority. If you are aware of any of your residents who are homeless or threatened with homelessness, please contact Cornwall Housing Limited on 0300 1234 161 and ask for the Prevention & Engagement team. You can also find useful information and advice on their website at www.cornwallhousing.org.uk

If you are concerned about someone who is sleeping rough, you should report this through Streetlink by visiting www.streetlink.org.uk or by phoning them on 0300 500 0914. Streetlink will then inform our Outreach Team who can make contact with the person and offer them help and support to find accommodation.

The Government has confirmed that hotels, B&Bs, hostels and holiday parks providing accommodation to support people who are homeless through arrangements with the local authority or other public bodies should remain open to facilitate these arrangements.

If any of your residents are able to offer accommodation to support our Covid-19 response, please send the details to covid19@cornwall.gov.uk

Update on bus services in Cornwall 

  With residents being advised to make only essential journeys over the next few weeks, bus services in Cornwall will operate on a reduced timetable from Sunday 29 March. 

  The reduced service is aimed at providing a link for key workers and those who have no other way of making an essential journey, for example to a shop, supermarket or health centre.    We urge all passengers to check timetables before travelling and to follow Government guidance in making only essential journeys.    Buses are being thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day with regular cleansing of seating areas and handrails at the end of each journey, passengers are asked to:​    

· wash their hands before and after travelling 

· maintain a 2-metre gap between other people 

· board vehicles one at a time 

· not travel if you are unwell 

  More information about timetable changes can be found on the Council’s website at www.cornwall.gov.uk/coronavirus

     School buses

Transport will remain available for children of key workers who are currently attending school and who would normally use this service. Individual schools will be able to provide more information.

Truro Park and Ride 

  While the Truro Park and Ride has seen a significant reduction in passengers over the last week, the service is continuing to operate on the usual timetable, providing a link for essential workers, including those at the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske. We will continue to monitor passenger numbers and make amendments to the timetable where appropriate. For more information, please contact Transport@cornwall.gov.uk


GWR is running a National Key Worker Timetable to provide services for those people identified by the Government as key workers in the response to COVID-19.​ 

​This means there is now one service an hour in each direction between Penzance and Plymouth. Branch line services will also operate on a reduced timetable. Intercity trains between Plymouth and London Paddington will run at one an hour. For timetables and updates visit www.gwr.com/check. 

  GWR has said it will accept tickets for CrossCountry services between Penzance and Plymouth.  

  The Night Riviera Sleeper Service has been suspended until further notice and the sleeper lounges at Penzance and Truro closed to passengers. 

Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry

The crossings remain in operation to support key workers and those who need to make essential journeys. Tolls for both the bridge and ferry have been suspended for the next three weeks. For more information visit www.tamarcrossings.org.uk.  

Cornwall Airport Newquay

The airport terminal has been temporarily closed with all scheduled flights suspended. The Aerodrome remains operational, supporting vital activities including Cornwall Air Ambulance, HM Coastguard Search and Rescue and Military operations. 

For more information about flights visit www.cornwallairportnewquay.com  

St  Mawe s and King Harry ferries 

Both ferries are operating to support essential links for the Roseland community, key workers and emergency services. The St Mawes Ferry is running a reduced timetable with crossings every two hours. King Harry Ferry passengers are asked to stay in their vehicles during the short crossing. For queries email info@falriver.co.uk, for more information on timetables visit www.falriver.co.uk/ferries  

Services to and from the  Isles of Scilly

 The Scillonian will continue to carry essential freight supplies but will no longer take passengers until further notice. There is a limited Skybus service from Land’s End Airport to transport essential key workers. Flights from Newquay and Exeter airports have been cancelled. For more information visit https://www.islesofscilly-travel.co.uk/coronavirus/ 

Penzance Heliport 

All flights have been cancelled until Tuesday 14 April at the earlier – the company will review flights due to take place after 14 April in line with Government guidance. For more information visit https://penzancehelicopters.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions

   Update on library services

In line with Government restrictions all Library sites are now closed, and the mobile library service has ceased until further notice.

Library members who have books or other materials on loan should keep them at home. They can be renewed as many times as needed online www.cornwall.gov.uk/library or on the 24 hour telephone line 0845 6076119 (please check your contract for charges to 0845 numbers). But overdue charges will be waived during this time.

Some reminders for returns and renewals may have been issued before the closures, but residents should ignore these notifications. Please do not leave bags of books etc. outside libraries or post books through letterboxes.

Julian German, Leader of the Council, Cornwall Councillor for the Roseland Division

Pell/Telephone: 01872 322570. Klapkodh/Mobile: 07737 183690

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25 March: Cornwall Council Say Dogs Must Be Kept on Lead

Cornwall Council are receiving complaints about dogs ‘running wild’ and people ending up in closer contact with the dog owner than they want..They have issued this strong message: To help observe social distancing, we are strongly advising dog walkers to keep their dogs on leadswhen in public areas or on beaches. Should one dog go up to another, or towards other people, and the owner has to retrieve it there is a risk of closer contact than is safe. Please observe this simple rule to help prevent the spread of Covid 19.

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24 March; Local Mp's Open Letter on The Covid-19 Pandemic and Cornwall

An open letter on the COVID-19 pandemic and Cornwall

Dear friend,

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sees us in unprecedented times for both Cornwall and the UK. This is likely to be the greatest challenge any of us will have faced in our lifetimes, and it is crucial we take it seriously. It is important everyone follows the advice laid out by the Government to slow and stop the spread of this virus and do everything we can to support our essential public services, especially our NHS.

That includes avoiding non-essential travel.

By anyone’s assessment a holiday at this time is not essential.

So therefore, regrettably we are asking people not to come on holiday to Cornwall at this time.

We need to stop spread of this virus and also need to protect our NHS and keep our supermarket shelves stocked. An influx of thousands of tourists in the coming weeks will put unnecessary pressure on our services. As a supporter of the tourism and hospitality industry we fully understand the huge and grave challenges facing the sector at this time and why some businesses may want to take this opportunity to bring visitors to Cornwall. However, this is first and foremost a medical and health crisis.

We must not underestimate how serious this is and our first priority has to be to protect the public from this dangerous virus. We continue to press the Government for more measures to support all businesses affected by this crisis but the overriding concern has to be to keep people safe and well.Please take all the appropriate steps to keep you and your family safe, and help Cornwall stay safe and well by avoid coming here on holiday at this time.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Double Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay

Cllr Julian German Leader of Cornwall Council

We need to stop spread of this virus and also need to protect our NHS and keep our supermarket shelves stocked. An influx of thousands of tourists in the coming weeks will put unnecessary pressure on our services. As a supporter of the tourism and hospitality industry we fully understand the huge and grave challenges facing the sector at this time and why some businesses may want to take this opportunity to bring visitors to Cornwall. However, this is first and foremost a medical and health crisis.

We must not underestimate how serious this is and our first priority has to be to protect the public from this dangerous virus. We continue to press the Government for more measures to support all businesses affected by this crisis but the overriding concern has to be to keep people safe and well.Please take all the appropriate steps to keep you and your family safe, and help Cornwall stay safe and well by avoid coming here on holiday at this time.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Double Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay

Cllr Julian German Leader of Cornwall Council

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23 March: Coronavirus


DaSRA is launching a Good Neighbour Group in Downderry and Seaton to help residents help each other during the Coronavirus crisis.

There will be some people living in our community who will be particularly vulnerable during the coming weeks and months, and may have no one to turn to. We are calling for a team of volunteers to check on the welfare of such people who may need support. Would you consider making regular telephone calls to those who have asked for help to check that all is well?

If so, do please get in touch with DaSRA by email here.

If your health makes you vulnerable or you become sick, and you are self-isolating and worried with no one to turn to, do contact DaSRA by email. Downderry Stores will pass on messages to us if it is more convenient for you to send a note through them. We will connect you with a named local volunteer who will have regular communication with you, checking on your welfare and making sure your basic needs are being met. Do keep in touch - we don’t want any resident to feel alone during these extraordinary challenging times and we know there are many kind and generous people out there just wanting to help.

Laura Done, Chair, DaSRA, 01503 250911
and the DaSRA Management Committee

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Train Disruptions to And from London 14 March - 3 April

GWR Train services to and from London will be diverted via Bristol from 14 March through to Friday 3 April. This diversion will add around 35 minutes to journeys between Taunton and Reading. The diversion is needed to allow for work on the stretch of line from Taunton to Castle Cary.

Coaches will therefore run between Taunton and Castle Cary, connecting with trains towards London Paddington, Weymouth and Bristol Temple Meads.

This will add significantly to journey times and there will be a reduced rail service. Please check the timetable before travelling.

Train services to and from London will be diverted via Bristol from this Saturday (14 March) through to Friday 3 April.

This diversion will add around 35 minutes to journeys between Taunton and Reading. The diversion is needed to allow for work on the stretch of line from Taunton to Castle Cary.

Coaches will therefore run between Taunton and Castle Cary, connecting with trains towards London Paddington, Weymouth and Bristol Temple Meads.

This will add significantly to journey times and there will be a reduced rail service. Please check the timetable before travelling.

All our online systems show the revised diversion times and bus journeys, and there is a dedicated page on our website on GWR.com/Wessex.

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