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Residents, and friends, of Downderry and Seaton are invited to contribute to a Community Fund, the purpose of which is restricted to supporting initiatives that enhance the quality of life of local residents.

  • Financial support from the Community Fund will be given to safeguard community assets that may come under threat and where action within the scope of DASRA funds could mitigate against a negative impact
  • The well-being of residents and the quality of life within the villages of Downderry and Seaton are central to the purpose of DASRA and were the defining motives for the establishment of the Community Fund. Applications for financial support from the Fund will be considered against these essential criteria.
  • It is not planned that the Community Fund will act as a general grants programme for local voluntary groups. However, there may be occasions when matchfunding a project of a local group would result in significant benefit to the wider community. DASRA will be open to requests from any local voluntary organisation seeking support in such circumstances.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, the Fund shall not be used to replace or supplement funding that should be provided by public bodies (e.g. Parish and County Councils)
  • The management of the Fund will be the responsibility of the elected Committee members of Downderry and Seaton Residents Association (DASRA) . They will report on all Fund activities at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.


The Downderry and Seaton Community Fund was launched at a public meeting in February 2016 in response to an initiative led by the village’s Residents Association, DASRA, to secure over the long term the community’s key assets, commencing with the need for a continuing post office service. There was growing concern that the loss of such a vital asset could, in time, lead to the closure or sale of other assets that threatened the quality of life and facilities for residents in Downderrry and Seaton. Discussions at that February meeting highlighted such threats and residents wholeheartedly gave their agreement to the establishment of the Fund.

Subscriptions were made into the newly established fund, which enabled financial support to be given to retain a full post office service for a further two years. When the owners of the local store relinquished their Post Office contract as from March 2018, a part time outreach service was negotiated, albeit one with reduced hours. With this alternative service in place, continuing financial support for a post office service was no longer needed, so the management committee of DASRA began a review of the Community Fund.

A meeting, to which all subscribers had been invited, was held on 10th September 2018 to review the current position and address the future of the fund. The meeting overwhelming agreed to the committee’s proposal that the Community Fund continues, and be used to protect and support other assets that are key to the local community. It also planned for the Fund to be expanded to attract new subscribers.

The elected members of DASRA’s Management Committee were given the authority and responsibility to manage all funds raised in support of the Association’s objectives and to carry out these obligations with full transparency and accountability to local residents.

If you would like to support the Downderry and Seaton Community Fund, a donation of any amount would be much appreciated. Bank transfers would be the preferred method of payment or, if more convenient,a monthly/quarterly/annual bank Standing Order. One-off donations are also very welcome.

Bank Details: Santander

Sort Code: 09-01-53

Account Name: Downderry & Seaton Residents Association

Account No: 89643289

Reference: Community Fund

If you would prefer to do so with a cheque, please send your donation to Downderry and Seaton Residents Association and deliver it to Downderry Stores who offer a post collection service for DASRA. Thank you.

We are keen to keep all subscribers aware of all activities around the Community Fund, so if you make a donation, do please contact DaSRA with your email address so we can keep informed.

The Management Committee

DaSRA - Downderry and Seaton Residents Association

Email; info@dasra.co.uk

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